Here there are the Golden Visa investment options in Spain.

The applicant may choose to invest either € 500,000 in real estate, € 2 million in Spanish government bonds or € 1 million in Spanish company shares.

In addition to the financial requirement, the applicant must be at least 18 years of age and have no criminal record, as well as a private or public health insurance.

Detailed criteria:

  1.     The applicant must be over 18
  2.     The applicant must not be illegally resident in Spain
  3.     The applicant must not have a criminal record in the last 5 years
  4.     The applicant must not be on the list of undesirable people
  5.     The applicant must have private healthcare to cover your stay
  6.     The applicant must be able to prove sufficient funds to live on without working in Spain
  7.     The applicant must not have been rejected for residence from certain other countries or from Spain
  8.     The applicant must not have any of the illnesses according to a 2005 regulation



  • Real estate investment option

This path requires applicants to invest a significant amount into a property. The property is estimated to be worth € 500,000. Applicants can choose a residential or commercial property, or a mix of both. The property in question may be leased. The buyer can also bundle its investment into one property, and any amount that exceeds the minimum investment can be mortgaged out.

  • Business development in Spain

Projects which are considered to be suitable must meet the following criteria:

  1. When it is deemed to create jobs.
  2. When the investment is deemed to have a significant social or economic effect.
  3. When it represents a significant technical/social or scientific contribution.


The Spanish procedure for golden visas is fairly straightforward.

First, the applicant opts for the  preferred investment option.

Then, the applicant prepares and submits the Schengen Visa application.

The applicant must then travel to Spain to provide the necessary biometric data to the authorities.

Normally that part of the process takes about two months to complete. The final step of the application process is to await the outcome of the authority. The approval or rejection process usually takes about 20 days.


In order to apply for a residency visa, in addition to the application form, it is important to provide certain documents:

  1. A valid passport that has a minimum of one year until expiry
  2. A document stating that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover living during the time.
  3. Report stating that the patient has medical insurance coverage
  4. Certificate issued by the competent authorities authorizing the education of children (if applicable) All such documents must be translated into Spanish and legalised.

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