1) Scandinavian designs featuring white and wood elements might step out of the spotlight

Scandinavian-style interiors, especially the enduringly popular white-and-wood aesthetic seen widely in the Costa del Sol have traditionally been favored by homeowners. Surprisingly, though, it appears that its popularity will diminish in 2024.

Trends come and go, and we can anticipate a decline in the prevalence of Scandinavian-themed homes, given its widespread presence in recent years.

While we consider it a fairly timeless design, it has been extensively utilized in the market for almost six years. Consequently, the industry is now eager to explore alternative approaches to distinguish each project uniquely.

2) Limewash paint might see a surge in popularity this year.

In accordance with the growing preference for earthy hues in home décor, we can anticipate an upsurge in the adoption of limewash paint by homeowners this year.

With the prevailing trend favoring earthy palettes, limewash paint is likely to appeal to more homeowners. Its textured appearance complements earthy tones and contributes to a natural ambiance.

Echoing this sentiment designers may seek innovative methods to enhance their designs. Limewash paint offers greater depth compared to plain solid-colored walls, and it tends to have a longer lifespan than conventional paint or wallpaper.

3) Sleep Ecosystem for bedrooms

This year, there’s a trend in 2024 to transform bedrooms into a biophilic oasis, aiming to harmonize the indoor space with nature. This makeover involves incorporating natural materials, nature-inspired patterns, indoor plants, thoughtful window designs, and smart lighting to establish a deeper connection to the natural world within our interior environment.

4) Organic and minimalism

The “Buy Organic” trend strikes a balance between an Earth Mother vibe and minimalism. It combines warmth and welcoming elements with simplicity and a modern touch. Expect muted earthy hues blending with soft whites, incorporating layers of cotton, wool, and ceramics in both material choices and their corresponding color palettes.

5) Bringing Plants into Your Living Space

To bridge the gap between indoors and the great outdoors, consider bringing a touch of greenery into your home. The recent surge in the popularity of houseplants offers numerous ways to incorporate them into your living space.

One approach is to install wall-mounted planters, crafting a vertical garden that adds both vibrancy and visual interest. Alternatively, hanging houseplants strategically throughout your home can create a dynamic and captivating display. Another uncomplicated option involves placing potted plants on surfaces like shelves, coffee tables, and windowsills.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, indoor plants offer a wealth of health benefits. They contribute to better indoor air quality by eliminating pollutants and releasing oxygen, thereby fostering a healthier atmosphere. Moreover, they have been shown to alleviate stress, enhance well-being, and even boost productivity.

The range of available plants caters to diverse preferences, spanning from low-maintenance succulents and cacti to lush ferns and tropical varieties. Whether you opt for a lavish indoor garden or incorporate a few potted plants, integrating greenery into your home renovation remains a trend poised to endure throughout the year.