What are the advantages of contracting a home insurance?

Talking about the advantages of contracting a home insurance policy may at first sight seem somewhat subjective, however, the reality shows that these can be the benefits:

Coverage for very common home insurance claims. Possible claims in the home are not only frequent, but also in many cases costly. Taking out home insurance may save money.

Burglary insurance. The majority of home insurance policies cover possible burglaries in the home, both in terms of losses as well as the damage caused. The consideration of the insurance companies is usually either financially or by repairing the damage caused.

Amortisation of the price of the premium. Given the general high cost associated with accidents in the home, having this type of insurance is more of an investment than a disbursement and many times the premium is fully amortised by the price of the repairs assumed by the insurance company.

Coverage of belongings. Within the heading of building, the belongings of all the insured persons in the property are included.

Medical assistance. Many home insurance policies include a series of actions related to medical assistance such as free ambulance transport in the event of accident or illness of any of the insured persons in the property.

Protection and legal advice. Among the coverage of the home insurance you can also find defence and legal advice by telephone in which a lawyer will guide you in questions related to the insured property.

Quick responses in the event of a claim. The majority of the insurance companies have professionals in all the branches that will take action in a much shorter period of time than you can manage as an insured person at a private level.

Efficiency and agility in the management. As well as saving money, having a home insurance policy means that the management of the claim is the responsibility of the insurance company, which translates into a saving of time.

What recommendations do we make before contracting a home insurance policy?

In addition to the typical recommendation to review all the coverages before signing the contract corresponding to the home insurance policy, there are other recommendations that we would like to share with you in the following list:

Calculate accurately and as close to reality as possible the value of the building and, above all, the contents in order to avoid underinsurance problems.

Add optional coverages that you see are not included in the particular conditions and that you may need.

Check the limit established for civil liability and that it is adequate.

Report the claim on time and do not modify the scene of the claim so that the loss adjuster can correctly assess causes and effects.

Check the grace periods and exclusions that may result in non-coverage.

Compare several home insurance proposals before making a decision and trust in recognised and prestigious insurance companies. Often contracting with an unknown and cheap insurer can bring you unnecessary headaches.

Here below we can give a short list of you company you can check and ask a quote for your home insurance (we are not associated to any of these companies):