1)  Kitchen Counters & Sink Clear & Clean

It makes the kitchen look tidier when the kitchen counters are fully cleared off, and buyers can imagine how they could use the space. Buyers are distracted by coffee makers, mixers and decorations and sometimes make the kitchen feel messy.

Remove everything from the kitchen cabinets, except maybe some decorative pieces, and clean all surface areas, including appliances, kitchen sinks, and backsplash.

2) Sinks, tubs, and showers for the Clear & Clean Bathroom

Put everything in a hidden place as all shampoo bottles, soaps, shaving razors, and other things. It will make your bathroom look bigger and tidier.

Remove all of the things off the counter in the bathroom. You want to make the toilets look vacant. Clean towels on towel racks, neatly folded, are appropriate.

3) Replace Light Bulbs Burnt Out

One of the most ignored things on the list is this move. To make sure that they all work, be sure to check all the overhead lights, as well as extra lamps and exterior lights.

If the homes have dark places, such as a cellar, add a few additional lamps to brighten them up. It is nice to have floor lamps that have up-lighting! The more light there is, the better!


4) Throughout the entire house switching all lights on

One of the most critical aspects of photography is lighting. Getting as much light as possible is important.

Switch on all the lights, like lamps and outdoor lights, in the building. When they arrive, your photographer will be delighted to find your home in the brightest light.


5) Turn off all ceiling ventilators, TVs, and computer screens

Most photographers use HDR photography, which takes several light exposures and combines them into one final shot for each frame. Any moving products in HDR, such as ceiling fans or active TV/computer screens, look really weird. For this reason, we suggest that you turn off the


6) Magnets and Clutter Clear Appliance Surfaces

Holding magnets, notes, reminders, and other personal details in the fridge is popular. For consumers, this sort of clutter can be annoying, so de-clutter these areas.

We ask our sellers to remove from the refrigerator all the magnets, calendars, and personal products. Not only can it make your home look more clean, but it also keeps your personal details away from the general public.

7) Tidy up the beds

This is an obvious one which, particularly in the secondary bedrooms, is surprisingly often overlooked. Be sure to make all the beds with matching sheets, blankets, and pillows and decorate them. Using bedding that covers the entire bed and correctly suits the mattress.

If necessary, use decorative pillows to brighten up the room. If a room is clean, and the bed isn’t made right, it makes it seem like the whole room is off.

8) Take off  all  Personal Pictures

If your personal things are everywhere, it’s hard for buyers to imagine themselves in your home. Buyers like to believe that the home was built for them in particular.

You’ll need to remove all private images and objects from the entire home, including patios, porches, and garages, because you want your customers to concentrate on the house and not on you.

9)  All shoes and clothes inside the closets

On coat racks and entryway floors, when buyers see shoes and coats, they subconsciously conclude that the home lacks storage space. By storing these objects away, this understanding is easily set.

It’s best to remove all the coats and shoes in the house from anywhere they can see. To remove all distractions, store away any loose items.

10)  Remove ALL pet products

Not everybody has domestic animals. Some individuals are actually highly allergic to animals. It’s important to make sure that your house shows no signs of pets, especially the smell of pets. Spend some time making this part right, please. It is one of the most important factors in home buyers’ price declines and negative reviews.

Consider that, when you live in your home every day, you might be “nose blind” to the smell.

11) Tidy up the garden

First impressions are important, so make sure you clean up the front yard. It is important to cut back and tidy all of the landscaping.

The outer front yard shot will be the first image people will see of your house. In order to quickly catch the interest of the buyer, this picture needs to be viewed in its very best state.


12) Clear the driveway from cars

Finding cars in the driveway during real estate pictures is never a positive thing. Always ban all vehicles, vans, RVs, and trailers from the front and driveway of the property.

Pro tip: In order to make the street look quiet and welcoming in your pictures, ask your neighbors to move their cars from the road. For drone shots, this is particularly important.

13) Patio Umbrellas Open Up

During your photoshoot, if it’s not too windy, be sure to open some patio umbrellas to set the area up. Dust off the furniture and set the site up as if you were going to enjoy it later with friends.

When your photographer is in your backyard, fresh outdoor pillows and flowers will create an enticing space to highlight them.